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Tailor made for a perfect fit

Our bespoke design work is just that, bespoke. There’s nothing “off the rack”

We don’t create (or use) generic templates for multiple customers, we don’t re-purpose old designs. Everything we do is unique and always has been.


Why bother?

Of course, we could always just “pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap” by using pre-purchased design templates but we’re fiercely proud of what we create and firmly believe it gives both our customer and their customers the best possible experience in the long run. Every project is different and deserving of its own custom solution.

Accessible, adaptable, responsive, mobile

Ensuring your website doesn’t discriminate isn’t just good practice, IT’S THE LAW

A website is considered accessible if it is reasonably possible for any visitor to access its content, regardless of physical abilities or technologies used.

Considering the needs of those with physical challenges (such as blind users) or less than ideal equipment has been enshrined in law for some time. These days though, accessibility can also mean catering for the ever increasing numbers of mobile visitors too.

Adaptive, responsive and mobile site design

Whilst the vast majority of websites will be reasonably accessible on mobile devices (even on smartphones) they’re often not designed with this sort of equipment in mind, making them less comfortable to navigate and use than they really need to be.

The answer? An adaptive, responsive or mobile website.


What’s the difference?

Put very simply…

  • An adaptive site is one that “snaps” to known device dimensions
  • A responsive site is one that fluidly adjusts itself to whatever dimensions are presented by the visitor’s browser
  • A mobile site is an entirely separate web presence, designed specifically for mobile devices
For most projects, we’d recommend a responsive design approach as this is always going to be the best option in terms of future proofing. More complex projects, however, may be better served by a separate mobile site. The important thing though, is to ensure that your users have the best possible experience when visiting your site, regardless of how they might access it.

Is all this mobile stuff really necessary?

We’re going to say “YES” because mobile internet traffic is on the increase and if you don’t have a smartphone and tablet computer compatible website then you could find your small format device using visitors walking off in the direction of your mobile friendly competitors.
Mobile device compatibility is by no means a legal requirement though, so if you’d rather just have a desktop optimised website right now – we can do that for you too.

Like the sound of responsive design?

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