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Email marketing

Easily manage your e-marketing campaigns and subscribers lists online. Automatic handling of unsubscriptions, customised newsletter designs, engagement statistics and more.

Email filtering

Cloud based email filtering solution addressing the security threats presented by spam, email-borne malware, phishing etc.

Also includes email continuity services in the event of local systems failure.

Web filtering

Cloud based solution providing your organisation with a safe and secure internet connection – free from threats and malware – whilst ensuring that web browsing is appropriate and complies with your acceptable use policies.

Additionally, for our customers, we also offer…


POP3, IMAP and SMTP feeds (into your own in-house mail systems) available.

Connectivity provision

Including broadband, EFM, fibre and wireless.

Domain names

Domain name registrations (, .com, .net, .co etc) plus Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting and management.

Website hosting

Our own UNIX based servers with locked down Cisco firewall protection to maximise site security. Servers are backed up regularly and housed in a 24/7 monitored UK location.

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