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For years, web designers have been yearning for custom fonts in web design. With the uptake in people using modern browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, embedding fonts through @font-face is now a reality.

This time two years ago, finding fonts that were allowed to be used online was difficult to say the least, but the mere utterance of the word “open source” was nearly a felony to type designers everywhere. Today we have individuals standing up, creative typographers conquering new ground, foundries dedicated to the movement, and not only acceptance, but widespread usage from big-name companies to amateurs just messing around.

- .net magazine

There are two main reasons for using web fonts:

  1. Give your site a fresh, modern and unique feel
  2. As boring as it sounds brand consistency is key

Give your site a fresh, modern and unique feel

It’s all about standing out from the crowd!

Over the years we have grown accustomed to a core set of web safe fonts such as Arial, Trebuchet and Georgia which are installed on the majority of computers. By sticking with these fonts you can comfortably feel that a design will be seen safely by other internet users. Now… there is nothing wrong with using these fonts but they are called “web safe” for a reason.

By using a font which isn’t being used by the majority it allows you to improve your brand and get you noticed by standing out from the crowd. Goodbye “web safe” boring world and hello to a unique “stand out” website.

As boring as it sounds brand consistency is key

Companies will spend a lot of time and expense creating their brand which may use certain typefaces on printed material. An important factor in prompting a brand is consistency so being able to replicate this on a website helps enforce this.

Web fonts and us

At OXLink, we have embraced web fonts by using them on our recently updated site. The main page heading is one of our favourites – Avalon a geometric san-serif font.

We heart Avalon

Our sub headings use League Gothic an alternate gothic typeface.

We heart League Gothic

Both we feel are a great font combination!

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