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So, the 26th of May “cookie law” deadline came and went…and whilst some site owners have implemented the changes required to become compliant with the new legislation ahead of the deadline (the BBC and BT are a couple of examples), others still seem to have taken no action.

For those still hoping that it will all go away if they just ignore it, enforcement begins.

New online reporting tool introduced

To aid with enforcement, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are urging the public at large to report (via a new online tool) their concerns over the use of cookies on any websites they visit.

From a recent blog post by ICO Group Manager, Dave Evans:

“This ['Report your cookie concerns' tool] will help us to monitor organisations’ adherence to the rule relating to cookies, and identify sectors where further advice or enforcement activity may be required.”

Your site is reported, what’s the worst that could happen?

The ICO have the power to issue formal undertakings and enforcement notices in respect of non-compliant websites.

There’s also the option of significant monetary penalties in serious breach cases (i.e.: those likely to cause substantial damage to people) – especially where there’s also a willful element towards avoidance of the regulations.

Don’t panic, plan

Even if you failed to meet the May 26th deadline, the ICO will still expect you to be able to demonstrate that you have taken steps towards compliance and have a realistic plan for achieving it in a reasonable length of time.

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