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A quick Google suggests that you can have a website designed, built and SEO optimised for virtually next to nothing. On the other hand, you could pay much larger sums to a “full service agency” for what, on paper, promises the same result.

So why not just opt for the cheapest one, what’s the difference?

You get what you pay for

Never has the old adage, “you get what you pay for” been more true. Money translates into time – the time spent on your project will be directly related to the cost. Cost is also related to the quality and professional experience of those working on your project – a friend’s son working out of his bedroom, for example, has zero overheads compared to an office based team with lots more collective experience on offer.

The bigger picture

The nuts and bolts, or bits and bytes, of putting together a website is arguably the easiest part and certainly the most tangible. The harder part, where experience counts, is in defining what that website should deliver – and the best way of achieving it in terms of functionality, user experience and search engine optimisation. It’s the whole picture that needs to work.

Bringing up the baby

Your website is the offspring of your supplier relationship and just like any child it needs attention and nurturing to deliver its full potential now and in the future. Your choice of partner should be prepared to work with you in realising your marketing vision over the long-term, not just up until the moment your new site launches. If you’ve paid very little (or nothing) though, how confident can you be that your supplier will be there for you next year, next month, next week?

Your single most valuable marketing asset

A website, these days, is undoubtedly the single most valuable marketing asset a company has – it will present the public face of the business and will almost certainly be relied upon to generate new leads. Choosing a partner for something this important, therefore, should be seen as a serious long-term decision, based on many factors – not just cost.

Ongoing website spend will vary from business to business, but research suggests it will command the biggest slice of a marketing budget and could average up to 5% of sales per annum. So, if you’re only looking to spend around £100 on your website, are you also only expecting to make around £2,000 worth of sales a year? A bit literal, I know, but worth a thought.

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