Actinic Desktop is dead! Long live SellerDeck!

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If you’ve visited the Actinic website recently, you’re probably wondering where the desktop product we all know and love has gone to. Has it really been replaced by its Software as a Service (SaaS) sister, Actinic Online?

What’s happened

It’s nothing to worry about, Actinic Desktop still exists as it always has – just re-branded as SellerDeck.

The same people are behind the product (SellerDeck, the company, is owned by the original Actinic founders) and it’s still being actively developed with no signs of stopping (there’s a new version due out next year).

All that’s really happened is a transfer of the “Actinic” brand along with the associated SaaS product, Actinic Online. Both of these are now owned by Oxatis UK Limited.

Why things have changed

Last year, Actinic (as was) entered into a partnership arrangement with Oxatis in order to offer an online ecommerce solution (Actinic Online). Since that time (and up until very recently), both Actinic Desktop and Actinic Online have been marketed together.

However, after a while, it became clear that offering two ecommerce products with such very different business models was causing a certain amount of confusion – particularly with new customers.

The complete separation of the two products, therefore, is simply designed to give each back its individual identity and focus.

What this means to our existing Actinic customers

Essentially, nothing changes.

OXLink will still be providing you with any support you might need for Actinic Desktop / SellerDeck and we’ll still be developing new sites with the software.

Future versions will of course be re-branded but the core product will be remaining the same.

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